Performance Floors

Garage or Shop Flooring

What’s the best way to take your garage or shop to the next level? Hire Performance Floors to refinish your flooring! Our team would be happy to work with you to figure out the best finishes for your unique garage.

Call Performance Floors today to set up a meeting where we promise to “wow” you!

Garage Flooring

Does your garage need a new floor? Old garages can have cracks, and stains. Let us repair and refinish your garage floor to make your garage look and feel like the real man cave that it is.

Shop Flooring

Does your shop floor need a update?

Shop floors are one of the largest remodeling undertakings a shop can make, and so we take them seriously. You are not just updating an existing floor, you are adding an entirely new de-mention to your shop, letting your customers know you care about your work!

Devoted to Our Work

The Performance Floors team is devoted to our work, and to your vision.

Choosing just any remodeling team for the job would be a bad decision. Go with a team that takes care in the work they do, can adhere to deadlines, and remain cost effective.

When you call Performance Floors for an estimate, you get all of those things and more!