Performance Floors


What is dustless sanding?

Our sanding equipment is fitted with vacuums so that the dust is vacuumed up as we work. Leaving a clean and dustless area behind.

Hardwood floor refinishing?

Some floors have been re coated multiple times already so, we refinish them by sanding them first to bring out their original natural beauty. Then applying the stain to match your existing floor, or to update the look you choose.

Can new Hardwood floors and/or refinishing your existing hardwood floors add value?

Flooring can have the highest return on investment when it comes to home refinishing, and can be the best for added home value.

Why are air movers and dehumidifiers used after a flood?

While water is being removed, the air must be dried out so water doesn’t build up in floors, walls and in the ceiling.

Why are air sleds used?

Air sleds are an intricate part of moving appliances or large furniture without damaging your hardwood flooring. We can remove and replace appliances and furniture as we work. Leaving your floor undamaged by these heavy items.