Performance Floors

Wooden Decks and Patio Refinishing

Decks and patios have one of the highest returns on investment of any home addition. Because of this, many homeowners choose to invest in them. And why not? They’re affordable, and can help you to enjoy the nice weather all the more. At Performance Floors we love seeing our clients happy, and ready to relax or host a barbecue on their restored deck or patio!

Problems? We’ll Fix Them!

No matter how big or small, at Performance Floors we can fix any deck or patio problems you may be having. These are outdoor structures that are made to last but are also bound to be damaged given enough time.

Rely on Performance Floors to get your patio back to its original form so it can last another 25 years or more.

While a damaged wooden patio can be frustrating, a damaged deck can be dangerous. To avoid injury, it’s important to fix complications as they arise and not wait for them to get any worse.

When dealing with planks, handrails and support posts, you want them to all be sturdy and free of rot so no one steps through a board or leans on a railing that’s loose!

Why Build New

It can be hard to tell how far gone a deck or patio is, and at Performance Floors we can assure you that the majority of damage can be fixed.

While some decks are beyond simple repair because they were not maintained or maybe not built properly in the first place, patios can last a lifetime with minimal patching and replacement.

Take into consideration that the average cost for a new patio is $2,000 and a deck can be up to $35 per square foot.

In most cases, you will have the option to restore your deck or patio. If you’re unsure of the situation, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll advise you accordingly!

Here to Help

At Performance Floors our clients are our first priority, and no matter how big or small your repair job is, we’re up for it.

Did you know that during deck or patio restoration, there are also upgrades you can make in the process?

Restoration is a great and affordable opportunity to bring your wooden deck or patio back to life and make it even better than before.